Episode 26
Nono's daily writing process, tools, and techniques.
December 18, 2019
24 min
0:00 / 24:45

0:00 / 24:45

Episode Notes

Nono's daily writing process, tools, and techniques.

I believe the ultimate goal of writing is to touch others; to make our words resonate with our readers. Today my spoken words are for you.

This episode is part of an experimental series titled Habits in which I share how myself (and others) do certain things and why, hopefully unveiling workflows, techniques, habits, and routines that you can make use of right away. Specifically, this episode focuses on writing and what's helping me write more consistently. I share the software tools and gadgets that I use on a daily basis to journal and write essays, posts, and episodes, and to review and edit my writing.




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  • 00:36 · Intro
  • 00:48 · The Habit
  • 03:20 · The Daily File
  • 09:16 · The Writing Queue
  • 09:46 · Tools
  • 12:05 · Reviewing
  • 17:00 · Printing
  • 21:58 · Sharing
  • 24:00 · Wrap Up

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