Interview Topics


a bit about yourself (background, career); how did you get to where you are today?; mission/contribution you want to make in [your field]


how does your day-to-day look like; do you consider your life simple? what could be easier? habits/rituals, commute, exercise, meditation & meditative moments, hobbies


focus/flow state; work-life balance; work-in-progress; side-projects; what makes you more creative; when/where do you get your best ideas?; deliberate practice


email; notifications; the internet; social media; boredom; self-imposed restrictions; resistance;


how do you define success; role models; someone you consider successful


how does a healthy relationship with technology look like; talk about the overused words "simple" and "intuitive"; open-source vs private ip


clutter and storage; documentation process and tools; organization; systems and tools


things you do away from the screen; what do you understand as nature and what's your relationship with it


what would your message to the world be; book recommendations; money; recent purchase of less than $100 that had an impact in your life; your take on clothing & uniforms; travel

Where can people find you online?

personal website; brand; social media