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Oct 16, 2021
54 · Bytes — NFTs and Digital Art

Host Nono Martínez Alonso and Aziz Barbar on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital art.

Oct 12, 2021
53 · Machine Learning-Based Audio Editing, React, UI Libraries, NFTs, and COVID

Host Nono Martínez Alonso and Nate Peters on the machine learning-based audio-editing solution this podcast is being produced with, web components, React and UI libraries, the effects of COVID-19 in our work lives, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and the new informal catch-up conversation podcast format we're testing out.

Sep 22, 2021
52 · Sketches — Work or Walk

Reclaiming time to be human.

Aug 5, 2021
51 · Bytes — StyleGAN

Host Nono Martínez Alonso and Aziz Barbar on StyleGAN, NVIDIA's state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm that generates convincing images.

Jul 14, 2021
50 · Freediving

Host Nono Martínez Alonso and Jose Luis García del Castillo on the mindfulness of breath-hold diving and being deep underwater, best practices, equipment, and techniques, equalizing your middle ear pressure, scuba versus freediving, and recommendation systems.

Jun 30, 2021
49 · Cristóbal Valenzuela — Machine Intelligence, Interfaces for Creativity and Originality, the Freedom of Being a Startup, and Runway

Runway's co-founder Cristóbal Valenzuela on the need for new creative interfaces to control complex algorithms that focus on results (not technology), the freedom of being a startup, and how machine intelligence is changing how we think, design, and make art.