Priority Is Not Importance
Less. Better.

Think about what your current main priority. Now, ignore that priority. If you had money and time, what would you actually do tomorrow?

Probably, your current priority is an obligation. In the best case scenario, your priority and the thing you really want to do are the same thing. Then, stop reading.

If that is not the case, and things come to your life which do not move the ball forward to achieve your real goals, reject them ruthlessly.

Everything that does not help you is unnecessary noise. People stay working in their day jobs just because they want to have an income to make them feel safe. At times, the money you already own is enough to make your dreams come true, you might have not even stopped to think about it.

Analyze what money means for you. Maybe, for doing what you want, you do not need that much.

March 19, 2014