Welcome to The Getting Simple Podcast

Five years ago, I started writing online. My sole intention was to write for myself and improve my writing, but I knew that sharing whatever I wrote with others would make my commitment stronger and would provide another dimension to my writing.

Two years ago, I found myself spending long hours reading and writing about how to simplify my life, how to do less things but do them better, and how to remove the unnecessary complexities of my daily routine. It was then when I formalized my writing about simple living as Getting Simple: A journey to simplicity I invited you to join.

Today, I want to officially announce the beginning of The Getting Simple Podcast—a series of conversations in which extraordinary people will share their insights on how to live a simpler, more balanced life.

In the first episode, I talk to James Melouney, an author and speaker from Australia who dedicates his life to help others lead their best lives. In the second episode, I talk about putting more ideas into the things we make with Zach Kron, a senior product manager at Autodesk.

Today is the release of the third episode: Will Robots Simplify Your Life with Jose Luis García del Castillo y López—an architect, computational creative, and educator. In this episode, Jose and I discuss the role that new technologies such as robotics or artificial intelligence will play in our lives, and talk about providing alternative access to robot control, education, and simple living.

You can listen to the show on iTunes, Overcast, or Stitcher.

February 1, 2018